In 1903 Mr. Ross Hanahan was Chariman and a chemist with the Commissioners of Public Works in the City of Charleston, South Carolina.  The first construction at the now present water works was a pumping station completed in 1903.  The pumping station was named the Saxon Pumping Station.  The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad built a station at Highland Park which was named the Saxon Stop in 1719.  The name of Saxon Pumping Station and the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Station at Highland Park was re-named Hanahan Pumping Station and Hanahan Stop after Mr. Ross Hanahan.  The reason for the name change was because there was a Saxon, North Carolina on the Atlantic Coast Line.  Freight destined for the Commissioners of Public Works was disbursed in Saxon, North Carolina.  Freight arriving via Seaboard Railroad located on the north side of the City of Hanahan had to be trucked via Remount Road, west on Highway 52 and right on Hanahan into the water works area.  The reason for this route was there was no bridge across Turkey Creek on Murray Drive.

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